A Family Affair

The parking lot was very open… Located in Stanton, I found this to be quite a cute shop with lots of different food options nearby!

I, personally, love Mom and Pop shops… And this one felt like one. A sweet cashier girl, a man behind the grill, and not sure if anyone else was there behind the walls. I did find the food reasonably priced. My steak and eggs sandwich was HUGE, as was my date’s Chef’s chicken salad. He had it without dress, just ketchup and barbecue sauce. There was lettuce, tomato, and a bit of sauce on my sandwich. The bread was quite fluffy and I enjoyed my sandwich with a diet coke and he enjoyed his salad with water.

After the meal, which just sitting and chatting, we had lots of different thoughts… Most of them pertained to our lives, but some of them did cover the meal. Overall, we enjoyed the meal, the food, and the environment. I liked the sandwich that I ate and he liked his salad. I only managed to finish half the sandwich, so he ate the rest of the steak.

And after… it was a good experience. (^.^)


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