Curry House

I recently experienced the best curry I’d ever had ever eaten in a restaurant!! It was a lovely diet cheat day that happened us across Curry House!


We started with a free appetizer earned when we checked in on Yelp! The place is clean, modern, and very sweet looking. The space is nicely worked out and the slightly salted edamame beans were a very welcome appetizer opener, indeed!


After that, my friend ordered the squid cream pasta that I couldn’t try due to my allergy to shellfish, and I ordered the deluxe katsu curry which had fried rice within the egg, and it went wonderfully with the curry! Full of flavor, filled with exotic flavors that enticed my palette, and a soft egg over flavorful fried rice. Everything went swimmingly! We added a potato crochet and fried hamburger patties. It was delicious!!

Definitely, 4 out of 5 stars would be my rating!!

After… we shopped for snacks in Najiya! It was a delightful day!! Healthy and hearty!! The curry was definitely amazing!!


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