Fire Pot … and Oil

I went safe and had the lamb option at Pot on Fire… what I got was the most oily meal I’d ever eaten!! From the first swirl with my chopsticks to the first bite into this strangely oily pot over an open flame that licked up the pot at my  hands… It just felt like a strange and new, and what ended up as a rather unwelcome situation…

A bit of oil is ok, but the fact everything was floating in oil… where was my delicious soup?? When I tried to mix it up, the oil naturally floated back on top! I ate the noodles through the oil… and felt a bit sick after that. There was just too much oil in that pot.

My companion had the seafood pot. There was yummy soup, delicious seafood, tender and ripe, my gosh, I wished I could risk an allergic reaction for it. I mean… seriously, one of the weirdest meals I’d ever had!!


You may wonder why eating hot pot and ordering lamb may lead me to such a reaction. It’s because the original HOT POT meat is LAMB!! It’s the originator of the rest of the meats! People eat hot pot for this meat, the rich soup, and nutrients in the dish! To have EVERYTHING floating in oil and no drinkable soup is just strange!!

Go to HOT SPOT and order their lamb special… my goodness, it’s a far cry from the mess at Pot On Fire, that’s for sure!! Try ANY shabu shabu place and order lamb… so much healthier than what’s served at POF. … I hope they improve cuz… drinking oil forced me to take 2 extra strength Anti-Acids after… and even after, my stomach felt funny. … and hungry.


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