Tea Runs Deep

My mom grew up drinking green tea. She said her family drank it as they did water. Regardless of how deep the color or light the flavor, it is about the culture and the family, and how the two are intertwined to create personality and character to the substance of the liquid… that which flows through a person. Green tea, from the mountains of Taiwan are my mom’s favorite… Like pictured below.

Personally, I prefer herbal peppermint tea with no sugar, and all for a balanced flavor that rights my mood and stimulates my senses. I can’t help but wonder what would happen if I added my Mom’s personal preference to mine. I mean, we’re very different women.

My mother grew up in Taiwan. Not too smart but a hard worker, she made it into college and graduated with several men after him. She came to American with my Dad but, suffered from being far from her family. I grew up in Texas and then California, close to family, and friends who felt like family. I graduated college without the romance component, I moved away to pursue my career and moved on with my life, pushing my family away. And yet we both drank and brewed tea to our delights and comfort.

So I brewed my tea and then added the green tea leaves in the green infuser that looks like a tea bag. It turned out to have all the healthiness of green tea with the soothing comfort of mint. It’s, probably, the best way to describe our relationship.

My Mom and I have fought our share of battles, and more because of how stubborn she is and how bull-headed I am when it comes to our lives. But, when we are together, like the mixing powers the tea has, the hypnotic and effervescent ways it refreshes us…

Tea runs deep… carries more life than blood… more passionate than sweat… more love than imaginable.


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