the Green Zone !!!

As much as I’d like to claim to making up such a place, IT EXISTS ALREADY!!


This LOVELY little restaurant is located in Diamond Bar and is quite a delicious restaurant. Overall, it’s VERY clean inside with a lot of natural lighting and modern furniture and decorations that really bring out the newness of the place, despite having been around for some time now!!

The menus were easy to understand on the first time seeing it and there were no bad reviews online, which was surprising. My friends and I started with water and then the fried salmon wantons as an appetizer. I had the satay mushroom and beef bowl and it came in a timely manner.

The flavors of the beef and Enoki mushrooms brought my taste buds to life! I didn’t want to stop eating the juicy beef and well cooked mushrooms. I even finished all of the cabbage on the bottom of the pot, it was so good. My companions had the grilled pork, which was as juicy as it looked in the pictures and the egg noddle soup. Overall, we were all very satisfied and I would rate it TEN BIG STARS!!




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